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Item #:3741
Description: The original pilsner was brewed in the Czech Republic in 1842. Pilsner is known for its generous use of hops. Our medium-bodied, golden pilsner is a clean, satisfying beer. This elegant beer is delicious all on its own. It is also a perfect companion for seafood. You've long enjoyed lagers and pale ales. Now your tastebuds are ready for this truly international beer. 35 IBU's Best at 9º C / 48º F. This kit is concentrated wort kit - no boiling necessary! Making beer with a Brew House kit is very similar to making wine from a kit - Just add water, sprinkle the yeast, and you're off and running! You can even use your winemaking equipment to make beer... the difference, of course, is that you'll need a capper, beer bottles, and some crown caps.

Price: $70.18
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