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Corks - Altec

Item #:2304
Description: Altec bulk natural cork. Recommended for use with floor corkers. Altec corks have been tested for over 10 years and have been awarded "winery grade" status because of their effectiveness under adverse conditions. In producing the superb ALTEC corks, natural cork is micro-fragmented, and most of the TCA bearing material, called legnin, is removed. The remaining pure cork flour is blended with a very small percentage of polymer, which enhances the natural elasticity and sealing properties of the cork. The result is a nearly 100% natural cork, perfect in shape and without defect or pores, superior in appearance and sealing quality, and with far lower TCA levels than other corks. The ALTEC corks also recover shape immediately, permitting bottles to be placed on their sides at once. ALTEC corks give you a perfect seal, and a superior appearance, every time. Other key features of these corks include: -Absolutely symmetrical -Provide optimal gaseous interchange (key to aging process) -Contain 10 times less cork dust content than conventional corks -Guaranteed 100% leakproof at a pressure of 2 bars -Homogenous surface - no defects on sides or ends -Smooth surface ideal for branding
Size: 44mm X 24.2mm

Price: $0.32

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