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About Us

Crazy Tom at grapestompers' retail store grapestompers began offering quality winemaking products, tips and advice via the Internet when our retail store first went online in August 1998. Owners Tom and Brant Burgiss (a father-son team) have brewed hundreds of batches of wine, and are always eager to share their enthusiasm for this fun and money-saving hobby. Meet the whole grapestompers gang.

Our winemaking kits are so easy to make, you can watch TV and still make the best wine in your neighborhood! We invite you to check us out on both the price and the product - and we seriously doubt you'll find better customer service anywhere. But don't just take our word for it, read some of our customers' testimonials about their winemaking experience. We have tested over a hundred different wine kits before settling on our current product line and will not recommend anything that doesn't come up to our standards. In fact, we're so confident of our winemaking kits, we guarantee your success!

Why grapestompers for a name? Well, it sorta goes like this.... if you owned your own grape vines, you would have to press or stomp the grapes to obtain the juice. So you see, does the job for you! And most importantly, we're STOMPING PRICES down for you!

James, our warehouse manager, makes sure your order goes out swiftly... he often fills your order on the same day!

We learned about this unique way of making fine wines from the Hemingway of Grapes, Harry...a real vino master from Western Canada. We're here to share his secrets and will even send a pictorial guide for making fine wine with every order!

If you're in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, why not drop by for a visit to our retail store and winery? We're located in Laurel Springs, North Carolina - just a scant two miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Call ahead, and we'll make sure Crazy Tom, Pam, Jimmy, Paul, or Brant will be there to meet you!

102 Thistle Meadow
Laurel Springs, NC 28644
Phone: (800) 233-1505
Fax: (413) 803-9850