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Winemaking Conversion Calculators

This page will help you do some common winemaking conversions.






US Gallons:




Imperial Gallons:




Temperature converter: Enter a number and click outside the box.
F: C:


Figure the alcoholic content of your wine, where starting and ending specific gravity readings are known. Be sure to measure starting S.G. before you pitch the yeast!.


Starting S.G. 

Select temperature of must (°F) when sample was taken: 


Ending S.G. 

Select temperature of must (°F) when sample was taken: 



Here's another winemaking conversion and calculator page we found:

FermSoft offers several neat converters on their web site:

Here's another wine sulfite calculator provided by Winemaker Magazine.

And here's a link to a free winemaking calculator you can download from Michiel's winemaking site. This software helps you:

  • Calculate the amount of sugar that needs to be added to achieve a particular target SG or alcohol content in the finished wine.
  • Calculate the proportions, in which to blend two wines.
  • Convert various measurements between the Metric, US and Imperial systems.

More wine chemistry notes from Sacramento Home Winemakers.

Have a favorite winemaking calculator or mathematical converter you'd like us to add? Just send a note to the webmaster, and we'll try to include it!