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Wine Labels Made by our Customers

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This page shows some more wine labels submitted by the customers of We hope you'll enjoy it and consider sending examples of your own!

As more labels are added to this portion of our web site, we'll add more pages to keep your download times to a minimum. Thanks for your participation!


Vic Spadoni
Staten Island, NY


Che Sara Syrah



Vic made these comments about his wine label:
"I'm a first time home wine maker, and being in the art field, the label is made way before the wine is ready. I reside in Staten Island, NY. My wife and I enjoy a good wine with meals, and hopefully we'll be enjoying our own soon.

"In case it's not obvious the 'che sara syrah' is a play on the old Italian song 'che sara sara'
meaning 'what will be will be'."



Spadoni Family wine label



"The sword is based on my last name, (Spadoni)
Italian meaning for 'large swords'
The crested background in relief and barely visible is the shield from my birthplace, 'Cres', a small island off the coast of Croatia.
The house behind the grapes is my home, but unfortunately the grapes are not mine."



Spadoni Chardonnay wine label



Vic says he will be submitting his labels in the annual wine label contest sponsored by Winemaker Magazine. Good luck, Vic!


Next page of customers' wine labels

If you'd like to include your wine label(s) on our web site, simply

  1. Send us the photos via snail mail or e-mail, and
  2. Provide a description of the label (what inspired you, etc.)
  3. Tell us your hometown (city and state/province or city and country)

You can send your wine labels via snail mail to:

Customer Wine Labels
102 Thistle Meadow
Laurel Springs, NC 28644

Note: Should you choose to send your wine label(s) in the mail, please be sure to send us an extra copy because we will not be able to return your label(s). We recommend that you do not write the descriptions and hometown information on the back of the label; please use a separate piece of paper instead.

Or, you can send us electronic images (JPG, GIF, or TIFF format only, please) via e-mail. Just send us your labels, and be sure to provide the descriptions and hometown information in the body of your e-mail. If your file sizes are large, feel free to ZIP (compress) your photos; this will save you some uploading time.

Thanks, and we look forward to posting YOUR wine label soon!